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Interior Painting

House painting

Interior Painting

High quality interior painting can bring freshness, color, excitement, and vitality to a home. A professionally painted room that is properly maintained can last well over a decade.

B&D Construction & Painting has more than 10 years of experience maintaining the interior and exterior of homes and business around the North Shore in tip top shape. We are 100% committed to excellence. Our job is not done until you, the customer, are satisfied. We only use the best materials for all of our work and we spend a great deal of time prepping your home for efficient coverage of paint.

B&D offers residential & commercial painting services. Call us at (857)417-8883 for a Free Estimate.

House painting

Why choose B&D Construction?

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Preparation work

Surface preparation is the most important aspect of achieving a long lasting paint results. All loose or peeling areas are scraped and sanded smooth. Holes are filled, gaps and cracks are caulked. We do extensive caulking. All repaired and sanded areas are then primed.

Painting, Inspecting, Cleaning

After thorough preparation, the painting can begin. In general, we always recommend at least two coats of paint. B&D Construction & Painting only uses the highest quality paint and materials to insure long lasting superior results. Once the paint has been chosen, the work is finished to our rigorous standards. Upon completion, debris is removed, all areas are thoroughly cleaned, and everything is put back in place.

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