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Roof Repairs

Roofing installation

Roofing Repairs, Leaks, Wind Damage

B&D Construction & Painting Inc specializes in residential and commercial roofing installation and repairs of roofs, replacement of roofs due to leaks, wind damages, and storms in the North Shore of Massachusetts. Leaks top the list of the most common roof problems. Any roof can have a leak. This can lead to many other problems, such as moisture building up and eventually lead to complete roof failure.

B&D Construction & Painting has more than 10 years of experience maintaining the exterior of homes and business around the North Shore in tip top shape. As a leader in the roofing industry we are 100% committed to excellence. Our job is not done until you, the customer, are satisfied. We only use the best materials for all of our work and we "hand nails" all our roofing projects.

B&D offers residential & commercial roofing services, repairs and emergency services. Call us at (857)417-8883 for a Free Quote and Inspection.

Roofing installation

Why choose B&D Construction?

  • Hand nail installation on all roofing projects
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Hand Nailing Vc Nail Gun

Proper nail placement is critical for performance and for a manufacturers warranty. Improper nailing WILL void your warranty and cause problem later. Under-pressured tools leave the nails high causing the shingle above to be lifted and suspect to wind blow offs. Some shingles after roof traffic will cut through the upper shingle leaving an exposed nail head. A hand nailer can tell better if a nail is high and will give it another hit.

About our Emergency Services

Storm damage roof repair is one of our specialties here at B&D Construction & Painting. We want to make sure that our residential & commercial customers are protected from whatever Mother Nature has in store. Tornadoes, wind, rain or hail can cause significant damage to the roof shingles or the entire roof. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency roofing services, just call us at (857)417-8883. Sometimes the need for storm damage roof repair is obvious, but other storm damage is subtle, hidden and often more harmful than you may realize.

Repair or Replace?

Many homeowners may be tempted to replace only part of the roof in order to save money, but a complete roof replacement may actually be cheaper in the end. Doing one part of the roof repair now, and another repair later requires two separate repairs, two separate crews, and two separate insurance claims. For this reason, it may be cheaper to do the entire job at once rather than one part now and another later. In addition, repairing only one section of the roof may leave other sections more susceptible to problems later. Depending on the lifespan and condition of your current roof, you can actually save money by completing a full roof replacement.

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