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Snow Removal Services

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Snow Removal

Besides just clearing your driveway and walkways, we can also work with you to clear the snow from other areas of your home, such as the roof. If you do not remove this snow, you run the risk of the weight causing costly damage to your house. The accumulation of the snow can also cause ice damming, as well as damage to your gutters. We can take care of these problems with workmanship that’s guaranteed.

B&D Construction & Painting has more than 10 years of experience maintaining the interior and exterior of homes and business around the North Shore in tip top shape. We are 100% committed to excellence. Our job is not done until you, the customer, are satisfied. We only use the best materials for all of our work.

B&D offers residential & commercial snow removal services, plowing of driveways and walkways, and roof snow removal. Call us at (857)417-8883 for a Free Quote and Inspection.

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Why choose B&D Construction?

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Why should I hire a pro to remove my snow?

Because it will save you time, hassle, and a sore back. A pro will have the right tools and know-how to swiftly clean up your driveway and sidewalks, treat any icy spots, and, in general, convert your wintry wonderland back to a functional driveway and sidewalk.

About our Emergency Services

We want to make sure that our residential & commercial customers are protected from whatever Mother Nature has in store. Snow storms, tornadoes, wind, rain or hail can cause significant damage to properties. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services, just call us at (857)417-8883.

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